August 2022 MoonBite: Grief Is

Grief is
laundry piled, kitchen bench dough smeared,
aching joints, lists made, obsessively ticked, weight gain,
relationship loss, friends who block on Facebook
when they hear the news, flowers delivered too late,
agendas before condolences, phones unanswered, emails not sent,
work not done, reminders of deadlines while on bereavement leave,
grief high jacking with stories of dead babies, suicides, a car accident of a friend of a friend,
forgetting how to drive a manual, the way through town, through life,
seething anger when men whisper about mental instability,
dole out personal information like pills, who try to fix everything
but who need to just listen.

About the Author:

Lynda Scott Araya is a short fiction writer from New Zealand who is currently writing a poetic memoir. Most recently, she has been published in The Bangalore Review, Superfast Stories on YouTube, and DarkWinter Literary and she has work forthcoming with Weasel Press. She can be found at and on Tumblr @lyndascottaraya.


Image Credits in order of appearance:
Annie Spratt (cover, 1), Glenn Carstens-Peters, freddie marriage, Danielle Stein, charlesdeluvio and Sandy Millar. Images downloaded from Unsplash.
Graphic Design: Teresa Berkowitz

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