Our August MoonBite

We just published Grief Is by Lynda Scott Araya. It is a serene and haunting poem exploring the feelings of grief. It touched me deeply as I am grieving a recent loss of my younger brother.

For me, this August MoonBite is dedicated to the memory of my brother and all of the wonderful people who are missing him. But I am also dedicating this to all of you. I suspect we all have a void in our hearts. Perhaps our divisions would seem chasmic if we remembered that.

With gratitude and hope.

Teresa Berkowitz


4 thoughts on “Our August MoonBite

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the death of your brother, Teresa. I could offer the usual trite cliches and empty words, but I won’t. We both know what grief is like and how it changes us. All I can say is do not let anyone else tell your story/your brother’s story. Your grief is your own, no matter who grieves alongside you. 😦 Lynda


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