Issue 2

Issue 2: September 21, 2021

Living in Maine, fall brings cool weather and a sweet crispness to the air. It is a time of apple picking and harvest. We excitedly wear our layers, even before the temperature has dropped. For me, the lengthening night reminds me of the mysteries, fear and power.

With great pleasure, we read poetry, fiction and nonfiction submitted by writers from all over the world. It is never easy to narrow down the selections. What drew our editors to these six works was how they surprised us with their fierceness.

And now, the most important part: the stories! Please enjoy the wonderful work of these writers and share!

Issue 2: September 21, 2021


Had she understood him correctly over the clatter of plates being cleared and the bursts of laughter from groups of diners… Fiction by R.L Terrell Continue reading Worthy


“Yet poked and prodded in this patriarchal game she retreated amongst stored boxes of youth…” Poetry by VJ Knutson Continue reading Feline


“Still, I watched him grow wide and heavy and slow Plodding the confines of his cage While I shrunk… ” Poetry by Stephanie Parent Continue reading Gretel

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Header Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash