Issue 4

Issue 4: April 1, 2022

One year ago, we had a call for submissions for our first issue. Tangled Locks Journal was founded to meet two goals: to tell complex stories that were true to the experiences of women and to amplify the voices of those writers. I was promoting the journal from my personal Twitter account which had a strong social and political presence wondering if I could engage that community in poetry, stories, and essays. I was worried that I would not have enough submissions to publish our first issue. The community welcomed me! We received more than one hundred submissions.

In our first year, we stayed responsive to the needs of our readers and writers. We built an online presence and began offering services to support writers.

Every writer we publish becomes a member of our Twitter family. We maintain a list and review it frequently to retweet our writers. We also invite others to follow the Tangled Locks Journal Writer List. We also provide each writer with social media marketing tips and an image suitable for promoting their work on social media.

This spring, the work we feature is raw and honest. The thread that ties this work together is the message that feeling complex emotions is not a weakness, it’s a strength. When we embrace our emotions, they fuel our growth and achievement. You’ll find humor, beautiful words, and transformation in these works by Heather Bartos, Kate Bird, Lisa Delan, Rowan Gladish, Stacey Manos, and Jess Munday.

Please enjoy their work and consider supporting our journal.

Cover photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash