Issue 3

Issue 3: December 21, 2021

We are in the darkest days. In Maine, that means night begins before 5 PM. I find myself often glancing at the inky black sky thinking it is time to crawl into bed only to find that it isn’t even 8 PM! I love reading in the winter, with the sound of wind and ice whirling around the house, pelting the windows. Books, stories, and poems are golden lights in the winter months.

This is our third issue. I ask myself, will I ever cease to be surprised and grateful for the wonderful writers who trust us with their words? I believe the answer is no. I will always treasure writers. I am grateful for these six but also the many writers who submit to us. It was so hard to narrow down to six from the many excellent entries. Each one of these captures the mood of the shortest day along with the hope of the golden sun.

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Many thanks! May your joys grow along with the lengthening day.

Cover photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash