On Editing and Revising

Why does the written word trick us into thinking our work is finished before it is? A sculptor would not mistake a rough for her sculpture. Perhaps it’s because words can be polished before the piece is. Rewrites are the writer’s chisels and pumice. I have been enjoying Brick Literary Journal’s YouTube Series, The Craft of Editing. The videos are beautifully produced discussions between writers and editors. The videos often include a close reading of the work before and after editing. The work being read has already been revised and yet, the final edits are sometimes quite small and always … Continue reading On Editing and Revising

Great stories wanted!

Our inaugural issue will launch June 21, 2021. We are looking for stories, essays and poetry that focus on the lives of women. We are looking for well rounded characters. We are also writers and submit our work. We are committed to providing feedback on work submitted, responding to submissions within a month and to paying for published stories, essays and poetry. We will open for submissions on April 21, 2021. Continue reading Great stories wanted!