Open for submission for our August MoonBite

For me, the strength of microprose and poetry is the power to evoke vivid images with just few words. As a former art director and illustrator, I love reading and rereading a piece until those images fully form in my mind and finding a way to those images with the readers.

We only select one piece on months when we are not publishing a full issue. Then we partner with the writers to promote their work on social media.

We have selected memoir pieces, retelling of fairytales, and fiction. Some of the work has filled us with wonder. We have shed tears and laughed out loud as well. We have also experimented with art and graphic design. We partnered with Letica Plate whose joyful images matched the hopefulness of the piece we paired it with. We played with artificial intelligence creating new artwork through prompts. We played with typography.

I write play, but truth be told, the production is always labor intensive. Midway through producing a slide deck, I say to myself maybe this is TOO much work. But then when MoonBite is published and the writer has their images, my concerns about the time fades away and I enthusiastically create the call for submission for the next one.

I invite you to take a look at the past MoonBites and consider submitting your work to the August MoonBite. Submissions close August 1, 2022.

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