a letter to survivors

by Jess Munday 
sweet girl,

you are 
more than the actions 
of a man who couldn't see your worth
more than the mistakes 
you didn't make, 
a burden you didn't deserve

you are 
beautiful and resilient
with a heart made of gold
you deserve 
a love that lasts a lifetime
a fire that never grows old

you are not a victim
you are not as small as that
man wants you to believe
you are not helpless or weak
you were not being 
too naive

i pray one day 
you see yourself
more than just a body in the mirror
i hope you see 
the beauty in your heart,
the wonder in your soul
each day this image becomes more clear

About the author:

Jess Munday is a 27-year-old creative writer based in San Francisco. She is currently working on her debut novel — a psychological thriller — and spends her extra energy and creativity writing short-form creative poems about grief, lost love, and, above all, growth.


Header photo by Natasya Chen on Unsplash