Spring Issue Update and Zoom Reading

We are busy reading the recent submissions. I love that creativity is eternal! I never cease to be surprised by the unique perspective of writers and poets.

For me, it’s challenging to keep each issue small when I truly love so many of the submissions but our vision is to not only publish beautiful words but also be able to increase the visibility of each writer. So small and manageable is the way to go for now.

Speaking of visibility, our writers have been invited to participate in a Zoom reading with L’Esprit Literary Review on Sunday, April 16th at 11 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7h). You can sign up for the reading here. We’ll be announcing the writers soon.

I love the writing that L’Esprit publishes. I love their aesthetic. I was honored to be invited to participate by editor, D. W. White. You really should check out Issue One of L’Esprit Literary Review.

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