Gaining Visibility on Twitter

We are introducing a new feature, Flourish, with resources to develop and promote your writing.

Congratulations! You are building a body of published work. One success leads to another. It is no surprise that author visibility will help you get more and more of your work published. But sometimes it’s uncomfortable “tooting our own horn.” Over the past few months, things have settled at the bluebird and it remains one of the best platforms for writers, readers, publishers, and agents to connect. Here are a few tips to increase your visibility and followers on Twitter.

  • Announce everything. Announce when you have an acceptance. Announce when you are published. Share information about your work in process.
  • Say it three ways (at least). Find three different ways to announce the big stuff and spread it out over a few days. If you have new work published, try a simple announcement to the publisher with a link, then grab a line and make a graphic image and quote with a link. Then share a tweet to the writing community about how you feel about the publication. Don’t worry about redundancy. Most of the accounts that follow you won’t see all three posts because of the size of their follow accounts and algorithms.
  • Add hashtags. Some popular hashtags for writers include #WritingCommunity #WritersLift #WIP #AmReading #AmEditing #AmWriting. But only add a couple to posts. More than that and the algorithm may think you are spammy.
  • Engage. Thank people for their comments. Retweet people who mention you. Tag accounts connected to your work. Share the work of other writers, especially those published in the same issue as you.
  • Use images to catch the eye. If you were provided an image, use it. Find an eye-catching image in stock photography. Unsplash has some really great photos available for free. Use one of your own drawings or photographs. Create an image with text using an app like Canva.

If you would like to see more tips, consider signing up for our e-newsletter or following us on Twitter. If you would like support increasing your visibility, we offer author branding and marketing services.

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