A Poet’s Online Dating Profile

 by Pamela Denyes

I smell like ginger, apples and caramel, and often garlic.
My voice is a magnolia blowing in a sea breeze.

I have hungry hands that demand to be held.
My tiny ears connect to my heart, not my brain.

I am soft and warm, except in the hurt places, where
I am dangerously sharp and wince at allowing newcomers.

My lips are raspberries with lemon zest.
My green-blue ocean eyes can rinse a soul clean.

I am a Water Dragon, born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra,
with the best and worst tendencies of both.

My mind is wordy, argues with me about what I want,
and is hard to put to bed, like a four-year-old.

I have a quirky smile with a mind of its own.
My body glides magnetically to a body I love.

I feel deeply and often give too much of me away.
My heart lives on my sleeve and tears may run down my arm.

I enjoy an orderly space and hate to clean, but I do it anyway.
My days are colorful, creative and conscientious.

My sons and grandkids are precious like water to me.
A vivid imagination gives me more life than I can ever live.

I can hide like a bandit and run away from what scares me,
and sometimes what scares me is actually good for me.

I struggle to remember that self-doubt is not a stop sign.
I must take a walk to lose a difficult mood or outright anger.

I am a positive-minded Pollyanna, with a little of Mary Poppins’
practical magic for good measure.

My emotions rule my body, so I keep them happy and healthy.
I light up like Christmas when the right person walks into the room.

My life has been busy, challenging, loving, giving, rarely boring,
and I can feel it beginning to slow down.

About the author:

Pamela’s award-winning poems are published in several Virginia writers’ journals, Wingless Dreamer, Barstow & Grand V, several international collections by The Poet Magazine, Vallum Poetry, and more. Her chapbook, The Right Mistakes, will be published in 2022 by Kelsay Books. Though just recently turning to creative writing endeavors, Pamela’s career-based writing included contract nonfiction, instructional design and manuals, developmental and copy editing, and online/print writing for her regional newspaper and internet gateway. To find out more about her work, visit her website.

Header photo by Fadi Xd on Unsplash