Open for Submission, Abortion Stories

As we approach the one-year mark of the Dobbs decision, we have seen a rapid disintegration of reproductive rights across the country. In many places, not only is abortion illegal but speaking about it is a crime. At the same time, the voices of members of the forced birth movement are amplified. They are actively spreading hate and misinformation about people who have an abortion.

Staying informed is essential. Nearly every day I read Jessica Valenti’s Abortion Every Day. It’s important reading. Public support of abortion rights remains high and antichoice politicians are crafting legislation that is highly restrictive and punishing but contains the language of exceptions. These “reasonable” exceptions are typically in name only, requiring reporting to law enforcement for incest, rape, and domestic violence even though prosecution is rare and the act of reporting could put the victim’s life in danger. Their movement never has been about life — not the lives of women, girls, transgender men, or nonbinary pregnant people. The hurdles are designed to be physically and emotionally painful and dangerous.

So many people cannot tell their stories now. Recently, a writer reached out and asked if we could open it up again. Her powerful story made me realize, it’s a good time to hear more abortion stories. Not only for ourselves but also for those who are being silenced.

We are now open for submission. You can find out how you can submit your essay on our submittable page. We will publish 5-10 essays starting on June 24, 2023. You can also read the essays we published last year here.

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