April 2023 MoonBite- Benediction

In spite of the appearance
that you think too little of yourself,
which is the flip side of thinking too much
of yourself,
which you do,
because the obverse side
of the merry-go-round you are living
is drilling deeply down
to find that north deepens into
south and east flirts with time to end up west,
and all that
still leaves north your chilling cradle,
even with all this carnival music,
the truth is that-
your life is a benediction
to me.

About the Author:

This submission is part of the upcoming Chapbook, ‘Religion in the More or Less of Less is More’. Addressing the hidden anxieties of our times seen in the light of history internalized. With hope for those who still like hope. Written by Townie Page, a poet for years, who just began to try to publish, and discovered the vast world of Hierarchies that is there, as in, what did you expect?

Author photo, Townie Page


Credits: Images by Nechama Lock, available on Unsplash. Graphic design by Teresa Berkowitz.

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