Close up of a tapestry

January 2023 MoonBite: Emerging

  • Text is in the body. Illustrations include woodcut style images and taspestry.

As light breaks the day
As death meets encrusted love

I pray
Please forgive these bones pressing
upon earth oozing fragrance

I pray 
Blood becomes 
a skin bag hanging, an altar

Festering kindness

A golden yolk worth eating
A helpless prayer thrown

To a thousand flames

About the Author:

Laura Vitcova is a writer currently living in northern California. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has appeared in The Shore and Rue Scribe. In her spare time, she travels, touches the earth, and plays with her dog. IG: starlinglaura Twitter@lauravitcova


Image Credits: Collages incorporate a tapestry photo by Khalil Musa (available on Unsplash) and woodcuts generated by Dall-E-2 through prompts inspired by the imagery within Laura Vitcovna’s poetry.
Collages and Graphic Design by Teresa Berkowitz

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