Pinecone Icicle at the Teeth of the Night

Sharing some winter-themed works from past issues.
Pinecone Icicle at the Teeth of Night
by Clem Flowers.

Tangled Locks Journal

by Clem Flowers

You open the 
tired door-
 here's a fading, frostbitten 
thimble of stardust rain 
in my shaking hand

 offered with a grin and

 your honey haze 
your gentle hand
 your warmth 
your love

 together we build it up into

 a swirling aspen bloom 

we nestled it 
alongside your ponies- 

another gift to 
keep eternal for 
only us two 
to ever know

About the author:

Clem Flowers (They/ Them) is a poet, eldritch horror, & soft-spoken southern transplant living in a mountain’s shadow in Utah. In an eternal quest to be the host in constant disbelief in an infomercial. Nb, bi, and queer as the day is long, they live in a cozy apartment with their wonderful wife & sweet calico kitty. Found on Twitter @clem_flowers.

Header photo by Kacper Szczechla on Unsplash

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