Yes, we have less rights than a fetus.

Scotus overturned Roe V Wade yesterday and I tweeted up a storm because on Twitter I found the community I needed. It’s not easy to be told that you have less civil rights than a zygote. You say I am exaggerating but Oklahoma now bans abortion at fertilization. So two cells, the majority of which don’t survive have more rights than living breathing women and girls. I suspect we will see a fetal personhood amendment long before an Equal Rights Amendment.

…when the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade this summer, the ruling may well breathe new life into antiquated jurisprudence based on the premise that, in the eyes of the state, all women must be considered, first and foremost, as mothers whose interests are subsumed by those of their children, born and unborn.

What happens when the rights of the unborn prevail over those of living, breathing, working, loving and dreaming women and girls? Historically, women and girls suffer dire health, emotional, economic, career and personal consequences.

Apparently, if people only told the truth, Senator Collins, Senator Manchin, and others would have kept their promise to protect Roe. They are whining about being victims or deception while hundreds, thousands of women nationwide and facing FORCED BIRTH since trigger laws have made abortion illegal in many states. Poor Susan Collins, maybe if she listened to her constituents instead of cozying up to McConnell we wouldn’t be in this mess. By the way, I’m guessing Susan still has her hands over her ears and is singing la-la-la because we have told her McConnell is one of the liars.

So, the liars are saying that this is all about state rights while they plan a nationwide . The liars are also saying that this is only about abortion while they openly discuss birth control bans, the end of gay marriage, and the dismantling of voter rights. Josh Hawley is thinking strategically about the impact of forced birth legislation — if all these feminists move to blue states, the republicans can better secure that a radical right that is in the minority dominates the electoral college. Suppressing liberal and progressive votes is the cherry on top of this forced birth movement. Nothing is repulsive than Josh Hawley salivating about how forced birth can advance his presidential aspirations.

Protests errupted all over the country. Donations are flooding inLet’s unite with allies and not separate our coalition into small bite size peices. . We are fighting grief and dispair. Forced Birth proponents hope we will tire. Let’s support each other. Let’s listen to our stories.

Our #abortionstories are important. Read and Share. New stories are at the top and the full archive can be accessed here. I’ll be posting new stories throughout the day.

3 thoughts on “Yes, we have less rights than a fetus.

    1. Loved your piece! I agree that it is essential that we harness the energy and work towards true equality. Just wish we didn’t have to face ogres, trolls, and evil wizards along the way.


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