We are looking for complex stories, poems, and essays with a strong female point of view. Our focus is on literary work. We love unexpected poetic language and a bit of magic realism. We welcome all authors and their words with one caveat in mind — if you can sum up your female character in one line (or worse yet: one word), our publication is probably not for you.

We are a small magazine with volunteer readers yet we are committed to compensating writers for their work. We pay authors $15 per published piece in the quarterly journal. We also run special projects, some of these projects are paid, others are not.

Submissions are always open, and there are rolling deadlines. Please review our submittable page for current projects and opportunities.

All writers are welcome to submit. All work must be submitted using submittable. Email or mail submissions will not be reviewed. A limited number of no-fee submissions will be available for each issue to enable those with financial hardship.