Introducing Author Interviews

I love getting to know the writers whose work we publish. For those writers that are part of the Twitter #writingcommunity, I follow them and get to know them and their work through their tweets. As time goes on, I begin to see more of the wonderful, creative person behind the story, poem or essay that we published.

It’s a wonderful experience, one that I want to share with our readers. So this month, we are starting author interviews. We’ll conduct the interviews through an opening tweet and then reply to each other. Anything goes: short answers, long ones with multiple tweets, images, even memes! People on Twitter can watch the conversations unfold.

After the interview, we’ll thread it all together and publish here with a link to the original tweet and replies.

I’ve been toying with names like Twinterview or Tweeterviews. Or maybe I’ll just keep it simple and call it Author Interviews. I would love to hear your thoughts and hope you will join us as we get to know our writers better.

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