“Hello?”               “Am I speaking with Lauren?”             “Yes.”             “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you need to come back right now. We just got your blood-test results in. They were late. Our machines were backed up today. You’re Rh-, ‘Rh negative,’ and that means we need to give you a… Continue reading Difficult

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Abortion: My Story

In my mid-20s, I terminated two pregnancies. That same year, I got pregnant twice, each time using different forms of birth control. At the time, I’d been living with a boyfriend since I was 18. He was a sweet, intelligent man who I loved dearly. We were surviving on sporadic work, earning hardly above minimum… Continue reading Abortion: My Story

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1950 Her sisters knew what had happened. Her mother knew, bore the pain for the rest of her life of watching her daughter die senselessly. The nurses at the hospital who cared for her mutilated, infection-ridden body for nearly two weeks knew. The attending physician who listed not one, not two, not three, but four… Continue reading Lullaby

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Hands Off My Rights

I pick up my pen to shed the shame and stigma. I had an abortion.             I don’t regret my decision, but I have not healed from the traumatic experiences anti-choice people, institutions, and policies forced me to endure. The ride to Planned Parenthood took twenty minutes, which was not enough time to mentally prepare… Continue reading Hands Off My Rights

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The Cannula

The moment when the doctor inserted the cannula into my cervix is frozen in time. The cervix was violated against its will to keep out all else. Until the moment of delivery, it decides to efface, dilate, and offer up contents. The doctor and I were in cahoots, in collusion, and acted against the body. … Continue reading The Cannula

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