After a glorious day, a young child runs into the kitchen with her brother. They excitedly talk of grand battles and a forest so thick and dark that they thought they would never make it home for dinner. The parents listen with love. Such adventures. But the mom gently reminds the daughter that her hair is tangled and her face is dirty. The child goes upstairs to fix her hair and wash her face before dinner.

In her brother’s retelling she becomes the princess he rescued not the warrior goddess who battled the giant snakes into submission. Her parents compliment her on her beautiful hair. She sits down to dinner. She is no longer a main character.

This is a place for our stories. This is our unvarnished truth. We come to you with tangled hair and dirt under our fingernails. The words you read are of women who do the unexpected, who are complicated, who breaks the mold, or meets expectations with an inner narrative that shocks you.

Please enjoy the stories here. Some will make your heart soar. Some will break it. Please share with others. And if you have a tangled, complicated story to tell, please submit it to us.

Editor’s message

We look for work that highlight women’s lives in all our messy glory. We look for complex characters who do the unexpected.