Tangled Locks Journal is an online literary journal committed to sharing complex, well-rounded stories, poetry, and essays that illuminate the experience and lives of women. Too often, women in stories are plot devices designed to move the male protagonists along on their journeys.

If you have a piece where you can sum up your female character in one line (or worse yet: one word), Tangled Locks Journal is not the right home for that work. Instead, please send us your works with a strong female point of view.

We publish four full issues a year and feature one short piece each month that does not have a full issue scheduled.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of the writers we publish. We partner with writers to build their skills in the sometimes uncomfortable job of creating visibility for our work. We promote what we publish through Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook. Video readings and Instagram carousels may be created based on the work and the author’s interest.

In addition to our publication, we offer the following services:

Developmental Editing and Beta Reading to help refine works in process. Submit your work through our submittable account.

Social Media Marketing Consulting: Build a following and refine your brand as an author. Contact teresa@tangledlocksjournal.com for more information.

Design Services: We create social media-ready images for promoting your writing and design simple but elegant authors’ websites in order to enhance your online platform. Contact teresa@tangledlocksjournal.com for more information.