Tangled Locks Journal is an online literary journal committed to sharing complex, well rounded stories, poetry and essays that define the experience and lives of women. Too often, women in stories are a plot device designed to move the male protagonist along on his journey.

We welcome all authors with one caveat in mind — if you can sum up your female character in one line (or worse yet: one word), our publication is probably not for you.

We publish four full issues a year and a will feature one short piece each month.

We want to support new talent. We pledge to ensure that every author who shares their work with us will receive feedback on their work and published authors will receive monetary compensation. We commit to reviewing work within four weeks of submission.

We also want to partner with writers to do the sometimes uncomfortable job of creating visibility for our work. We plan on promoting through twitter, Instagram, facebook and tiktok. Video readings and Instagram carousels may be created based on the work and the author’s interest.

Our inaugural issue will launch June 21, 2021.