Special Reproductive Rights Issue

Week 1: May 5, 2022

I was already reading submissions for our special reproductive rights issues when I found out about the leaked majority opinion that may strike down Roe V Wade this summer. It was no surprise and yet the reality sent me reeling. I grew up in a bubble of time where there was a promise of true equality. Contraception and Abortion were affordable and available. The wage gap appeared to be closing as women entered professions previously dominated by men. The Equal Rights Amendment was within a stone’s throw. I had mistakenly believed that things would be better for the generations to follow.

The stories I am reading are vulnerable and honest. Some people, including myself, have never shared the full story of their abortion and the circumstances that led to the decision. These essays break the false narrative that women need waiting times, invasive ultrasounds or authority figures deciding if their reasons are valid.

Each story is special. I thought about how some of these stories would get lost in an issue that included twenty or thirty essays. I also thought about what the next few months may bring us. In a selfish way, I want to keep connecting with allies during this turbulent time. So I decided that we will publish the essays in small batches each week.

Read the Essays Here:

2 thoughts on “Special Reproductive Rights Issue

  1. Thanks Terry, these are timely and poignant. I never, myself, had to have an abortion; it was more the obverse. However, I flew to Washington DC from Bangor ME with a friend before abortions were legal so she could end an unwanted pregnancy.

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    1. Thanks for sharing.

      I keep thinking about how many people will not be able to afford to travel. And the criminalization of even providing support or advice is cruel and harsh. People will have felonies and will be further disenfranchised, in some states they will not even be able to vote. The writers who have shared their stories are amazing. More to come next week. Thanks for your support or our journal.


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